Kids Club Update - NEW SITE CELL PHONES (posted June 15, 2015)

Post date: Jun 15, 2015 9:52:41 PM

Welcome to Summer, Families! Here is our latest update:

New Kids Club Cell Phones!

We are thrilled to announce that each site will now have a cell phone for sending and receiving text messages! Since this will be new to all of us, we are going to have a pilot for the first month of Summer (June 15-July 15). We will re-evaulate how it's working after that time. We do ask however, that you keep the following guidelines in mind:

    • IMPORTANT: The cell phone should not take the place of the main KC site phone

      • Always call the main KC site phone first.

    • You can text the KC cell phone anytime.

      • Kids Club staff will always respond to a text. If texting during the time KC is closed, your text will be received and answered the next business day.

    • If responding to a group text from the Kids Club site, be aware of replying to ALL.

  • If you cannot get through on the main KC site phone and/or we have not responded to your text, you can call the KC cell phone.

We will still send email updates regarding field trips, the program, important items, etc. If you are interested in receiving group texts however, please text the Kids Club phone from your cell phone with your name and your child's name, and we will add you to the group list.

Alisal Kids Club 925-519-1997

Donlon Kids Club 925-519-2195

Hearst Kids Club 925-519-4194

Valley View Kids Club 925-519-5349

Vintage Hills Kids Club 925-519-5789

Kids Club Student Surveys

We have completed our Student Surveys for this year! The students took an electronic version of the student questionnaire on the Kids Club Chromebooks like last year. Here is what the students had to say this year:

Things I like about Kids Club:

  • "It has kids that are kind and respectful to people."

  • "The teachers, my friends, and snack."

  • "That it is super fun and I meet lots of new friends."

  • "Polly Pockets are my favorite! I also like to eat snack and I like to play outside."

  • "I like to use the Chrome books and we have more now so we can use them more."

  • "I love BizWorld! We just named our company and made our design! It is so fun."

  • "It has enough games for everyone to play with and I have a lot of friends here."

  • "I like that the teachers are entertaining and they will play with you and help you, when needed."

  • "I like all of the options they have inside and outside of the building."

  • "That you get to see your friends and they help you learn."

  • "That no one is excluded."

  • "This is the best place I could go after school."

Things I wish I could change about Kids Club:

  • "Stay at the pool for 1,000,000,000,000 years."

  • "I wish we could bring pets to Kids Club."

  • "That everyone in Kids Club could use computers at the same time."

  • "I would like more play houses to use."

  • "More art projects."

  • "Field trips during the school year."

  • "More race cars."

  • "You did not have to do your homework."

  • "Get a trampoline."

  • "I wish we could still open up outside on rainy days."

We appreciate every student's input! The sites have already been discussing how to utilize the survey results at Kids Club!

REMINDER: Starting July 1, our fees will be annualized.

This means that you will pay the SAME amount every month throughout the year.

· For students going into 1st-5th grade, the fees will be $482 per month.

· For students going into Kindergarten, the fees will be $575 per month.

**All of this information is also available on our website at

Thanks so much and looking forward to a great summer!

Traci Peterson (on behalf of the SUPER Kids Club staff)