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Alisal Kids Club - Nicole Ingram, Site Supervisor

1454 Santa Rita Road

925-426-9751 (site phone)

925-519-1997 (cell phone)

Donlon Kids Club - Tammy Schlesser, Site Supervisor

4150 Dorman Road

925-462-7083 (site phone)

925-519-2195 (cell phone)

Fairlands Kids Club - Emily Frohn, Site Supervisor

4151 W. Las Positas Boulevard

925-426-1992 (site phone)

925-200-4087 (cell phone)

Hearst Kids Club - Matt Baptista, Site Supervisor

5301 Case Avenue

925-417-6602 (site phone)

925-519-4194 (cell phone)

Lydiksen Kids Club - Adrianna Emery, Site Supervisor

7700 Highland Oaks Drive

925-426-9784 (site phone)

925-200-3456 (cell phone)

Mohr Kids Club - Justin Swinkels, Site Supervisor

3300 Dennis Road

925-484-9429 (site phone)

925-200-4158 (cell phone)

Valley View Kids Club - Cindy Martinez, Site Supervisor

480 Adams Way

925-462-8805 (site phone)

925-519-5349 (cell phone)

Vintage Hills Kids Club - Andrew Ochoa, Site Supervisor

1125 Concord Street

925-484-4856 (site phone)

925-519-5789 (cell phone)

Kids Club Administrative Office

4750 First Street

Pleasanton, CA 94566

PHONE: 925-462-0830

FAX: 925-426-0564

Jeanne Buffi, Administrative Secretary

Traci Peterson, Program Director

Hively’s mission is to provide resources and support to ensure that everyone in the community can thrive. Formerly Child Care Links and Family Service Counseling and Community Resource Center, Hively provides children and families throughout Alameda County access to high-quality social services.

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