Lottery and Wait List

The Kids Club Lottery for the 2020-21 year is complete.  All families that registered for the Lottery were notified via email on Friday, May 1st.

If you missed the Lottery registration deadline, and would like to get on the Wait List, you can fill out our Wait List Card and email it to your home school site.  If there is an opening, you will be notified by the site.  If you have questions, please feel free to email, as the sites are currently closed due to COVID-19.  Thank you!

Kids Club Lottery Update!
(as of 4-6-20)

  1. Kids Club Lottery results will not be emailed on Tuesday, April 14th as originally planned.  We will be emailing ALL results for the Kids Club Lottery on Friday, May 1st.  This means that you will receive an email regardless of whether you are offered a space in Kids Club or not.
  2. At this time, Kids Club is closed, and we do not know when we will reopen.  As soon as we have information about our TK/K start dates, we will be communicating that with those that have been offered a spot at Kids Club.  These dates may vary from the original June 3rd start date, and we may have staggered start dates.  We just do not know at this time.
  3. We are hoping to have a Summer Program, but will depend on our direction from the District.  Again, we do not know when it will start, but are hoping to work out the details with the Kids Club families.
  4. Please direct any other questions to your Site Supervisor or the Kids Club Office.
        ***This email was sent to all families that registered for the Lottery on Monday, April 6, 2020.  Thank you!

Lottery Letter for the 2020-21 School Year


A student is eligible for the Kids Club Lottery when they are enrolled at their neighborhood school that has a correlating Kids Club Program onsite. Each site is limited in the number of TK and Kindergarten students they can accept each year. The number of students enrolled is determined by the number of students leaving at the end of the school year. Other spaces become available when an enrolled family leaves Kids Club. 

Kids Club priorities for enrollment are as follows
1. Eligible TK and Kindergarten siblings of students that are currently enrolled 
2. TK and Kindergarten students and their eligible siblings 
3. Students taken from the current waiting list and determined by individual site needs

All eligible TK and Kindergarten students are placed on the Kids Club Wait List via a computer generated list. The Lottery uses random selection and is conducted by the PUSD Technology Services Department. The Lottery will determine which TK and Kindergarten students will be given the first option to enroll in available spaces at their Kids Club site. 

The Lottery will also establish the Wait List at each program site, indicating the order in which TK and Kindergarten students will be admitted as openings occur. To remain active on your neighborhood school's Kids Club Wait List, your child must have continual enrollment at that PUSD elementary school. Students not enrolled at the corresponding school site will be removed from our waiting list. 

During the eligibility dates, through March 20,2020 this year, families can submit a completed lottery form online
.  We close the Lottery Registration at this time so that we can verify enrollment at schools, work with Student Services for placement, and notify families early enough in April for them to make alternate plans if they are not accepted into Kids Club.  If your form is received after the Lottery closing date, your child’s name will be added to the bottom of the Wait List.

Results of the Lottery will be distributed via email by each Kids Club Site on Tuesday, April 14, 2020..

Special Note for Open Enrollment 
Families requesting OE for their Kindergarten child(ren) are ONLY eligible for the lottery at their school of residence. Once Student Services has processed the application requests for Open Enrollment, your child's name can be transferred to the appropriate site’s WAIT LIST (PLEASE NOTE: Your child will be added to the bottom of the list – Kids Club lottery acceptance does not transfer).

Wait List
The TK and Kindergarten Wait Lists are determined by the lottery every year.  For the other grades, the list is simply carried over from year-to-year.  Families can call the site at any time and ask about their location.  We do not give families their exact location on the list because as seen by the "priorities," the number may change based on those variables.  

Families will receive an email from Kids Club after the Lottery, and we will not reach out to families again until we have an opening.