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Kids Club UPDATE - IMPORTANT Holiday Schedule 18-19 Included!

posted Mar 23, 2018, 1:14 PM by Traci Peterson

Happy Spring, Families!  Here is our latest program update:

Kids Club Opening at Fairlands, Lydiksen, and Mohr!

In a joint decision made by PUSD and the YMCA of the East Bay, the three Y-Kids sites at Fairlands, Lydiksen and Mohr will be transitioned over to Kids Club sites within the next couple of months!

What does this mean for your child(ren) and family?  Well, the existing Kids Club programs will continue on as they have been, and the site staff are looking forward to another great summer!  There may be some shifting of staff as the new sites provide tremendous promotion opportunities for those that are interested.  Each site will keep you informed as we go through this process together to make it as smooth as a transition as possible for everyone!

Kids Club Holiday Schedule 2018-19

The Holiday Schedule for next year is now complete!  It is attached to this email, it is on our website, and there will be paper copies for you available at the site starting on Monday afternoon.

Survey Results - THANK YOU for your feedback!

We have completed the Student, Staff, and Family surveys for this year!  Here are some of the highlights:

What do our Families like best?

"Everything!  Kids Club is an amazing place that my daughter loves to come.  It's welcoming, fun and the staff is amazing.  Love all of the crafts, games and activities that are planned each month too.  The price is right for the hours offered too!"

"Knowing that my child is safe, cared for, nurtured, and supported."

"Summer activities for the kids and end of summer party for the families is great.  Healthy and hearty snacks."

"The staff is wonderful and they are very good at balancing play time and homework time."

"The staff's engagement and dedication to their students.

"THE STAFF!!!  All are very friendly and supportive to my daughter and our family!"

"It has to be the staff.  They are very friendly, energetic and kind."

"The friendliness of the staff, their professionalism and how they care for each of the kids."

"Staff is AMAZING and very welcoming. My child looks forward to going to Kids Club."

What do our Students like best?

"I like the pancakes here and the syrup and everything we have for snack."

"My friends come here."


"My friends and the staff here are fun."

"STEM and the Chromebooks."

"I get help with homework and it gets done."

"I like Kids Club just not going to school."

"How nice the teachers are and how well they treat us."

"The teachers because they are nice and the kids are all friends with everyone."

"That it is awesome."

What do Staff like best about working at Kids Club?

"Working with the children brightens my day every day."

"The feeling of community among the other staff and kids."

"I really enjoy being with the children and creating strong relationships with them and their families."

"I like how we really work to provide the best possible place for kids to come after school and make them feel welcomed and happy."

"My favorite part about working for Kids Club is probably seeing the kids grow from kindergartners to fifth graders."

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

What is a Parent Advisory Committee?  The PAC provides a mechanism to facilitate parent involvement in the successful operation of the Kids Club programs.   The purpose of the PAC is to support Kids Club staff in meeting the goals and objectives of our program's philosophy.  The PAC will be holding a meeting in April.  All are welcome to attend, and we do hope to have 1-2 representatives from each site.


We will be meeting on a Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:30pm (child care will be provided).  If you are interested in participating, please email our Program Director, Traci Peterson at

That is all the news for now, and be on the lookout for Summer Information coming soon!

Traci and the Site Supervisors (on behalf of the OUTSTANDING Kids Club staff!)